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Add a Great Call-to-Action
to Every Link You Share. is a URL shortener that allows you to add a customized, branded
call-to-action and script to any page you want to share,
It also makes it easy to retarget pixels to these pages.

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Listen and Interact with Customers

You can insert your own live chat, scripts, form or video to any link. You can listen and interact with customers by retargeting pixels and tracking codes such as FB pixels, Adroll or Google Analytics to any URLs.

Drive traffic to your website

By adding retargeting pixels and tracking codes such as FB pixel, Adroll, Google Analytics to any URLs.

Retarget your audiences

Add your retargeting pixels to build highly targeted custom audiences. Reach people with targeted remarketing ads on several platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Quora).

Choose the right type of campaign

Promote your website, product, or service with a branded Call-To-Action header on all the content you share. Create multiple CTAs for different clients or social media profiles.

Add Live Chat and Get Instant Response

Use livechat on any links you share to engage with your audiences after they click on your link.

Create a retargeting short link

Share your links on social media, ads, emails or wherever else you'd like to generate clicks and automatically grow your custom audience for retargeting.

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